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With the capacity and expertise to handle any customer design challenge, UNIFOR engineers work with you to provide prototypes from basic concept, translating them into final drawings using full CAD/CAM with 3D capabilities. This A-to-Z capability is your assurance that parts are manufacturable, and comply fully with all industry and customer specifications.


Their comprehensive understanding of forging procedures enables the UNIFOR engineering design staff to aim for exceptional levels of efficiency. Supporting them is a team of more than 30 Engineers located at Fonderia Maspero, a joint venture partner with a team of engineers that can provide a second set of knowledgeable eyes, and back-up for larger volume projects.


Concepts and drawings in various formats, including 3D models, hard copy schematics, or CAD/CAM drawings rendered in Pro/E, SolidWorks and CATIA formats can be accommodated.


• 09.24.2010

BRAWO USA Aluminum Forgings Announces New Facility


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