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UNIFOR’s solid financial strength has helped propel it to the forefront of North American brass forging companies. It has also enabled us to invest in up-to-date forging equipment and technologies, making UNIFOR the preferred supplier for many of North America’s most prominent companies.


UNIFOR designs and manufactures brass forgings from simple to complex designs. Our coring capabilities on several automated presses can reduce both forging weight and production expenses, while our automated downstream workflow system delivers lower costs and improved delivery.


Need custom machining of parts? No problem. UNIFOR has the equipment and expertise to meet your most complex specifications.  Our goal is exceptional customer service measured by product quality, assured delivery, technical collaboration, total dependability, and competitive pricing.


We offer engineering expertise to help Customers design products and components, resulting in faster time to market and lower cost for our customers. Our integrated process workflow – from raw material to finished part – accommodates the needs of a wide cross section of industries and sectors. And, with the added benefit of custom machining, UNIFOR provides a one-stop shop for brass forging services. 


UNIFOR’s goal is to provide the highest levels of customer service through product quality, technical collaboration, dependability and shared expertise. As a customer-focused organization, we remain very competitive in all aspects of brass forging.




• 09.24.2010

BRAWO USA Aluminum Forgings Announces New Facility


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