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UNIFOR... maintains a large on-site inventory of American-made brass bar stock, traditional, low-lead and lead-free alloys, customer applications. By sourcing quality brass alloy made locally in America, UNIFOR is better able to manage inventory levels to meet changing customer demands. We are also supplied by our Italian parent company Almag - one of the most sophisticated mills in the world.


We carry four main types of alloys that are suitable for most industry applications. 


Alloy 377 Forging Brass: The most commonly used brass alloy, composed of 59% copper, 39% zinc and 2.5% lead. This brass rod alloy delivers high machineability percentage, enabling us to produce highly machined parts with impressive sheer and tensile strengths.


Alloy 365 Low-Lead Brass : An alloy with greater tensile and yield strength. Together with Alloy 377, stocked in rotating inventory, these two forging brasses represent the best available in the market.


Alloy 2745 Low-Lead Brass: In response to requirements for lead-free brass for the plumbing industry. This alloy can be substituted for Alloy 377 without compromising the integrity of the finished part. Recent testing has determined that lead-free brass is stronger than the leaded 377 alloy, indicating that a product can be made using less material while delivering similar strength and corrosion resistance – a cost-saving benefit.


Ecco Brass - C693 Lead-Free Brass




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