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Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc, and may include other elements such as lead, aluminium and nickel. The proportion of metals can vary substantially, and this variation has a major impact on both the production process and the intended product usage.


Lead, one element found in most raw brass bar stock, helps the malleability and “machineability” of the part as it moves through the forging processes.  Increasingly tight regulations, however, require the removal of lead from parts used the plumbing industry. Lead-free “green” or “eco brass” delivers the properties of traditional brass bar stock with these additional features:


  • Lower heating temperature compared to standard leaded brasses

  • Shortened solidification range, making it less prone to dispersed microporosity

  • Reduced cross-formation and fuming, thanks to the silicon content in the alloy and low melting temperature

  • Excellent fluidity for replication of details, provided by the addition of phosphorus to the alloy

  • Tensile strength equal to stainless steel 304 


Brass is also a 100% recyclable material. Our in-house recycling programs ensure that the brass waste from our production runs are sent to local recycling stations for proper disposal.




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