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UNIFOR Family ConnectionOur Italian parent and sister companies provide UNIFOR with the multiple benefits of a strong alliance and vertical integration.


Brawo Brassworking S.p.A, leads Europe in technological advances with a reputation for outstanding efficiency, superior tolerances and exceptional speed to market. Brawo also scores high in cost-efficiencies for developing new applications such as conversions from sand castings to forgings.


Its corporate dedication to equipment reinvestment policy enables Brawo companies to operate the newest globally-sourced machinery, providing technological leadership that keeps them ahead of competitors – a powerful advantage that translates into better value for customers.


Almag is one of the largest brass rod producers in Europe.  Together with Brawo, Almag provides UNIFOR with powerful financial and operational support. Their buying power also helps reduce material and equipment costs, another bottom-line benefit for UNIFOR customers.




• 09.24.2010

BRAWO USA Aluminum Forgings Announces New Facility


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